The Inner Work: How to Be Excellent

Have you ever worked towards excellence?

Last week’s podcast reminded us that we are already at the party. There’s nothing we can do (no striving, pushing, winning) that will ever make us more worthy than we inherently are.

And of course, there’s no failure that can touch our worth as humans either.

So now what?

Excellence. What we can be, we must be.

Now, now that we know who we are, now is the time to do bold things. When you do new things, you brain is awake and activated and you are more acutely aware of the experience of being alive. Need more inspiration on that? Watch the video and prepare to want to sell everything and bicycle to South America.

And the flip side of this equation is mastery. Once we do the bold thing, once we step out into the world… we get to mastery.

Let’s get beyond the “Will I or won’t I show up?” question and ask a new one: How will I master my craft?

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