season 2 finale: what’s up with Annika?

I started my podcast a year and a half ago.

When I started, I was unemployed. I had just healed a broken leg, and was living in my friend’s parents’ basement.

Well. Things have changed.

In the past 1.5 years, I’ve started and finished my first post-grad job, got my heart broken, found the job of my dreams, went through about 6 cycles of overwork –> burnout (still figuring that one out, hey), bought a car and have a lovely place to live, built many new empowering friendships, started a yoga and hiking practice, and still managed to get somewhat regular sleep.

I’ve learned that spiritual growth is not always linear. It’s a cha-cha and the steps back sometimes hurt like hell.

I’ve learned that as life improves, it’s difficult to not attach to the external markers of improvement. Spoiler alert: a pretty car or hot body still don’t bring you happiness.

And I’ve learned that at the end of the day, when you witness these things, you are your own best friend, guru, spiritual counselor, support-system, and nourisher. And what a privilege it is to show up for yourself in that way.

So, I want to end season 2. Wrap it up and leave it here, at what feels like a comma in the journey, and we will come back together soon to celebrate what is to come.

Don’t worry — I’ll still be sending regular emails with nuggets of wisdom and ideas for living a life of authentic joy. In the meantime, you’ve got over 60 podcast episodes to go back and choose from to keep you company. 🙂

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