adulting 101: career

I loved my high school career counselor.

Jan was the best. She was inspiring, supportive, and down-to-earth in this very Colorado way.

But I think her job was total bullsh*t.

There’s this belief that so many of us grow up with in America that we have to pick a career. Sure, we’re past the days of expecting to go to work at the same phone book company for the next 45 years… but we still live with pressure and expectation to pick something, and make it ours. Forever.

That’s dangerous and unhelpful. This ethos paralyzes us in inaction. How are you supposed to pick one thing, and then keep doing it? Well.

This week’s podcast episode explores the idea of career in relation to Adulting 101. I give my suggestions on how to navigate the world and your own head, and then tie all three Adulting episodes together.

Sneak preview: Stop thinking that you are doing something wrong. You probably are. And you are probably doing something right. But since when is getting everything perfectly right the point of adulting?

We’re here to learn and grow, my friends. And I can promise you that that won’t happen on your couch with Netflix. Get out there. Make epic mistakes. Be an adult.

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