When ‘Personal Growth’ Doesn’t Work

Anyone else get tired of pursuing ‘personal growth’?

Just me? No?

A few months ago, I got real freakin’¬†tired of listening to podcasts telling me how to improve my life. And of buying all of the books of life-hacking tips. And of the journal prompts. (Omg, the journal prompts. So many journal prompts.)

I was doing the actions, following the steps, repeating the mantras,
and it all felt so hollow.

Sometimes personal growth isn’t enough. But then what do you do?

Enter spirituality.

If personal growth is a set of tips, tricks, thoughts, and things… think of spirituality as a way of being in the world. Or a way of zooming out and seeing the whole picture.

Before I lose you, let me make the case for why spirituality matters:

1) Because being a person is hard sometimes, and spirituality reminds us that the motion of the universe is forward. Don’t get it? Watch this.

2) Because part of the human experience is feeling meaninglessness, and spirituality helps provide a foundation beneath our feet.

3) Because sometimes the personal growth tools don’t work, and the basic spiritual act of having¬†faith in the impossible is the only way through.

I’m not making a case for converting to a religion, or buying a sh*t ton of incense. I’m making a case for leaning into the belief that we are a part of something bigger than us. Something mysterious, brilliant, and benevolent.

Today’s podcast is all about what matters when personal growth stops working.


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