Two-Year Anniversary

It’s my two-year podcast anniversary.

And what a year it’s been.

First, I find it hard to convey the full weight of my gratitude to each of you. For your support, for your attention, for your commitment to yourselves and to this world. It’s an honor to get to show up here and participate in the growth and enlightenment of the world. Thank you. Thank you.

This past year has been more defined by anger, resentment, and hurt than I’d like to admit. So many weeks have come and gone with no podcast episode because I truly did not have anything good to say.

I have a hunch that our political climate, where up is down and down is up and tweets are now policy, has something very real to do with it. But we can’t just all become more timid, insecure, and cynical versions of ourselves. We’ve got to show up for the thing we believe in: hope.

And so this week’s podcast is a call for hope. And action.

We’ve got to remember that we are here. Living. On this planet. Now. This is a gift. The gift is the opportunity we all have each day to actually be, live into, and create the kinder, more intelligent, more thoughtful, more forgiving world that we crave.

This year’s podcast moved away from its previous focus on witnessing our inner lives to recognizing and stepping to the responsibility we all have to participate in life.

“When you feel helpless, help someone.”

We have the choice, chance, gift to wake up every morning and remember what we believe in. And to protect ourselves and our capacity. And then to go out into the world and give. The world needs us. We need us.

And giving helps.

I hope that in one year from now when we gather again and look back on what we’ve done, we can say that we made a ruckus. We failed, we triumphed. We made things a little better. But there is no doubt that we went out and did the damn thing.

In partnership, doing the damn thing,



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