the inner work: what’s your goal?

What are you chasing?

Has anyone ever asked you that question?

Stop. Stop whatever you are doing and think about this for a minute.

What’s your goal, and what are you chasing? Are you after happiness? Are you after growth? Are you after wealth? Are you after success?

I don’t know the answer. You do.

And then… what do those things mean? What is happiness?

Are you maybe actually chasing all of these at once? Did you give up on chasing all of them and end up on life-autopilot? How are you chasing them? Do you think about them ever?

This week’s podcast is an invitation to sit down and think about these questions. I model my own answers.

Why? Well. Action without intention is just… boring. Growth happens as a result of intention.

This is Part 1 of 4 in a series called “The Inner Work.” Consider it an invitation to reflect on what is within you, guiding your life consciously or unconsciously. This week’s question session will set you up nicely to move into next week… which is my favorite podcast I’ve ever recorded.

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