Hitting the Reset Button

Inspired by my Alaskan vacation, I talked about what it means to reset and shared some ideas about what that could look like. Important notes:

  • Before you do anything else, even if you do nothing else, chill. Turn all the social media and emails and texts off for a few days and just CHILL. Watch baking shows, read books, go for walks. Have no agenda. Just be a person. This is the most important thing.
  • Then, and only if you are truly feeling ~chill~, you can start to take a lil’ life inventory. What’s up? How are we feeling? Maybe listen to some inspiring podcasts (Tribe (duh), Rich Roll, Rob Bell, On Being) to get yourself started. Be the non-judgmental witness of what’s happening around you.
  • Then, FROM A PLACE OF CHILL… the rest is a surprise. And you’re going to have to listen to the podcast to know what comes next.

And just like that, we’re back. We’re rolling. See you next week.

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